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Got a missing piece?

We're here to help!

Missing Piece Guarantee

If you have a Pieces Of Us By Us Jigsaw Puzzle with a missing or damaged piece, we will replace it with a bag of pieces of the same puzzle. We DO NOT replace single pieces. Please keep your packaging and insert; a new bag of pieces will be shipped. Your puzzle replacement will be the same title and piece count and could have a different cut style. We use many different die cuts, so we can't guarantee that we can get you the exact piece you're missing. You may have to put the entire puzzle back together once more.


Keep in mind that the piece number is a gauge of difficulty and not a hard count of the number of tiles in the image. Thus, the only way to be sure a puzzle is complete is to finish the puzzle. Before proceeding with your claim, we ask you to complete the puzzle. If your issue is for a missing piece, we ask that you give it a few days to thoroughly look around your house to see if your missing piece turns up before contacting us. As avid Puzzlers ourselves, we completely understand how frustrating these issues can be. Puzzle pieces have a way of getting up and walking away, but every once in a while, a piece does not make it into a box during manufacturing. Fortunately, we stand behind our products 100%, and we will gladly replace your item free of charge should any of these issues arise with your puzzle.


Our Missing Piece Guarantee applies to puzzles purchased NEW from us directly or one of our retail partners, and it does NOT apply to puzzles purchased second-hand or non-U.S. shipping addresses.



  • Our replacement warranty only covers items purchased new within the last six months in the United States or Canada, and proof of purchase is required. 

  • We can only ship replacement puzzles within the Continental U.S. and Canada, and it typically takes 1-2 weeks for a replacement to ship. 

  • Please note that we cannot replace missing individual pieces and that there is no guarantee that the pieces from a replacement puzzle will fit into the original puzzle you purchased. 

  • Please also note that there is a slight chance we may no longer make your puzzle, and if that's the case, we will send you a similar puzzle of equal value.

  • This guarantee does not cover puzzles damaged by household accidents or events (but give us a call if there was an accident. We will see how we can help.)



We have heard of puzzle pieces sneaking off and hiding in the strangest places so do a thorough search for the missing piece. It may be:

  • Hiding in the box or on the table

  • In pockets, folds, cuffs, and creases

  • Under table or chair legs

  • Under cushions

  • Under baseboards or doors

  • The Dog ate it, no seriously

  • The Baby (child) ate it

  • In a drain

  • In-floor vents

  • In a refrigerator

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