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Sontonya Necheal

From South Bend, IN


I am a self-taught mixed media, abstract artist and hat designer that dances with various patterns and textures in my unique pieces. The depth of my work forces you to pause to study every square inch and depth of my pieces. My work is rich in color and fabrics with layered textures of emotion, capturing the rawness of my natural gift. My passion for art me to see the most fascinating and inspiring things that fuel my creativity. I believe in coloring outside the lines, mixing patterns, and embracing the beauty in my mistakes. I also enjoy writing and have published two books in honor of my late son, Rashaun Donaldson. My life is my own canvas, and I’m colorfully expressing my true self and the power to fiercely overcome, one canvas or crown at a time.


Q: How long have you been an artist?

A: 45 years LOL

Q: What is your preferred medium or tool of preference?

A: Mixed media

Q: What or who (if anyone) inspires your artwork?

A: Life experiences inspires all of my work!

Q: Do you have a favorite artist, poet, book or quote?

A: Maya Angelou


IG: @sontonya_necheal

FB: SontonyaNecheal1



Sontonya Necheal
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