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Natural Melody 500pc Puzzle


  • Art by Jennifer Elaine (Jenn)
  • 500-piece jigsaw puzzle
  • Comes in a magnetic keepsake box with a message inside from the artist
  • Puzzle is stored in a reusable zippered canvas bag
  • Made from 100% recycled chipboard and non-toxic, eco-friendly ink
  • Perfect for framing and hanging
  • Measures 19.2 x 14.2 inches finished


"Natural Melody" is unapologetically Black, embracing her natural kinks and curls graced with melanin-rich skin. Come celebrate "black girl magic" with a puzzle that looks like you and celebrates Us!



  • Jennifer Elaine (Jenn) is an ARTreprenuer blessing homes and offices with aesthetically dope Black art around the world. Her art is internally driven, like a gateway to the soul. Jenn's creativity is inspired by her own passions and emotions.


    She loves big, natural Afrocentric hair and bright engaging colors, so most of her artwork displays black women with kinky curly hair accompanied by a vibrant, colorful background. Jenn has also been inspired by the "Black Girl Magic" movement by creating phenomenal paintings that illustrate the universal awesomeness of black women in a positive light by celebrating our beauty, power, dopeness, and resilience.


    Shop with Jenn at Orijennal Art.

    Connect with Jenn on Instagram @orijennal_art.

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