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Eyes Wide Shut 300pc Panoramic Puzzle

  • Art by Sontonya Necheal
  • 300-piece jigsaw puzzle
  • Comes in a magnetic keepsake box with a message inside from the artist
  • Puzzle is stored in a reusable zippered canvas bag
  • Made from 100% recycled chipboard and non-toxic, eco-friendly ink
  • Perfect for framing and hanging - Ideal frame size is 12x22inches
  • Measures 11.75x22inches/30x56cm finished



"Eyes Wide Shut" was created after Eric Garner was murdered. ⁠It's an emotional piece that exudes the strength and tenacity of men of color. It represents the numerous murderous attacks against black men and the disadvantages they face in society. Our eyes are opened to the injustices, disadvantages, murders, and implications that often go without punishment. ⁠The intricately written verbiage in this piece has significant meaning, down to Nelson Mandela's prison number.

EYES WIDE SHUT by Sontonya Necheal

  • Sontonya Necheal is from South Bend, IN.


    I am a self-taught mixed media, abstract artist and hat designer who dances with various patterns and textures in my unique pieces. The depth of my work forces you to pause to study every square inch and depth of my pieces. My work is rich in color and fabrics with layered textures of emotion, capturing the rawness of my natural gift. My passion for art allows me to see the most fascinating and inspiring things that fuel my creativity. I believe in coloring outside the lines, mixing patterns, and embracing the beauty in my mistakes. I also enjoy writing and have published two books in honor of my late son, Rashaun Donaldson. My life is my canvas, and I’m colorfully expressing my true self and the power to fiercely overcome, one canvas or crown at a time.


    Shop and connect with Sontonya at and @sontonya_necheal.

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