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K.O.T.D. (Kick Of The Day) 300pc Panoramic Puzzle

  • Art by Huey Dynamite
  • 300-piece jigsaw puzzle
  • Comes in a magnetic keepsake box with a message inside from the artist
  • Puzzle is stored in a reusable zippered canvas bag
  • Made from 100% recycled chipboard and non-toxic, eco-friendly ink
  • Perfect for framing and hanging - Ideal frame size is 12x22inches
  • Measures 11.75x22inches/30x56cm finished


Introducing K.O.T.D. (Kick Of The Day), a captivating artwork that beautifully captures the essence of contemporary fashion and cultural pride. Every detail of this painting tells a story of empowerment and self-expression. K.O.T.D is not just a piece of art but a celebration of identity, fashion, and the enduring spirit.

K.O.T.D. (Kick Of The Day) by Huey Dynamite

  • Huey Dynamite is from Newark, New Jersey.


    Huey Dynamite is a moniker created by me, Assandre Jean-Baptiste, to signify the explosive power of color in my artwork. My designs in various color combinations and vibrant schemes aim to invoke something unique within everyone who views my work.


    Focusing on portraits, I make my subjects as rich in personality as in color. My artwork is heavily influenced by animation, including both cartoons and anime, music, pop culture, books, and things that encompass my everyday life.


    Shop and connect with Sontonya at and @hueydynamite.

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