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Brianna 100pc Puzzle 


  • Artwork created by Wendy Marshall
  • 100-piece jigsaw puzzle
  • Comes in a magnetic keepsake box with a message inside from the artist
  • Puzzle is stored in a reusable zippered canvas bag
  • Made from 100% recycled chipboard and non-toxic, eco-friendly ink
  • Perfect for framing and hanging - Ideal frame size is 16x16inches
  • Measures 15.75x15.75inches/40x40cm finished


Childhood and innocence are all the things that we once were. In our own worlds and untouched by all the things that change us, and hurt us, she's so precious, and that's what our inner selves strive to be.

BRIANNA 100pc Puzzle

  • Wendy's inspirations stem from visions of women like her. Her quote is," I make beautiful." I never saw images of myself growing up. I wanted to recreate a vivid perception of what beauty is from a woman of color's perspective. As well as capture the beauty around me." The loss of her stepfather was the motivating catalysis to become a Visual Artist and embark on her destiny as an artist. In 2011, Wendy Marshall launched her first public presentation of work through Social media outlets. With great reviews, "Art By Wendy" was received by the audience with warm receptions.


    After the "Facebook LIVE release," Wendy took full advantage to reach a significant audience. She created "Art By Wendy Live," a visual art platform in 2015, in Nashville, Tennessee. Since then, Wendy has been a driving force in Women's empowerment, advocating for the #BodyPositiveMovement and establishing herself as an Artistic Entrepreneur. She currently resides in Dallas, Texas, and is becoming a vibrant force in the Dallas Art Scene.


    Shop with Wendy at Art By Wendy and Bleeme or connect with her @_artbywendy.

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